Another great event in the heart of south Florida…held on October 2nd 2010.  The following slogan says it all “Haitians do it better” the outcome spurred beauty, talent and success. The main course of the night was a delicious fashion show featuring Beware Swimwear, Zoe Apparel , Le premier eye-wear, Fashion of Style and Academy of Glam with a side dish of Dancing …great food…comedy… and fun fun fun!!

As you can see Chit Chat with Corhinn is everywhere..but don’t think that all this dazzling expo of glistening skin in tight bathing suits and exquisite design was just for the public’s entertaining representatives of 12 Events are nothing but givers.

Edouart Edesign

As we all know the devastation of the January 12th 2010 left our dear country Haiti at the mercy of international helping hands, the work has just begun despite the fact it has only been 10 months. People like Edouart Edesign and Herve Cameau, that I had the pleasure to meet  accompanied by their associates,  made sure that the proceeds of such event are going to benefit the actions of The Sunday Project, a non profit organization with the main purpose of feeding the children of Cite Soleil, the poorest city of Port-au-Prince.

As a people we have been suffering for a very long time, but also have demonstrated strength, unity and power towards the obstacles thrown at us.  whether we have been called the poorest country of the Caribbean, where illiteracy and unemployment are at an all time high, or even “damned” as we suffered devastation after devastation… from hurricanes to earthquakes…they thought we were sure to crumble..but as you can see . WE ARE STILL STANDING!

I applaud and commend The Sunday Project for their continuous service towards the unfortunates and wish them growth and prosperity in the years to come.

Other than that I have had the fun of my life from dancing my butt off …to gazing at the most beautiful creatures that God could have ever made  I’m talking about those male models…they are dangerous!!!! hm …yes the women were gorgeous too!!!…met some of the designers, for example Isaiah Fleurimond of Zoe Apparel and Mimi Pericles of Beware Swimwear, with the will of the lion and a heart of gold!!!

"The Sunday Project" team

I would like to congratulate The Sunday Project team for their dedication in their endeavors and may they continue to bless others as they will be blessed in multitude in the years to come.

In the mean time I will continue to bring you the new…the hott…and the unique of the MIA..till next time muuuuah!!

ZOE for LIFE!!!!!