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When u wake up in the morning am i the first thing you see
The first thing you hear whispering so calm like the sea
The first thing you feel on your gentle skin glistening so bright
One scent of you & my brain cells start to enlight
Start to rev up my engine then loosens up my tendons
Mentally alert like if you were taking attendance
Side sweeping into your eyes 
My gentle hands cross over your thighs
Rubbing my fingers on your scalp you start to dose off
Ur smile so captivating it starts to roll off
Into another world a parallel universe
Where love & affection is reimbursed
Almost addictive but not a curse
A natural chemistry evenly dispersed
The wind moving the trees
My temperature goes up in degrees
Ur lips so Nyce i can only agree
Beautiful you are like the virgin Marie
Strong & Independent makes you so attractive
Being feisty & charismatic simply brings out your seductive
Sensual yet undeniable passionate aura
Playing tunes in my inner box Pandora
One morning waking up feeling endless possibilities
Only to ponder if one day they will all become reality...

Written by Alejandro Luciano