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wowThis is probably the first time I have ever seen myself in a picture where the man next to me actually has an impact on how I feel. This may come as strange for you but the man in the mask is a complete stranger. I was invited to a masquerade ball to celebrate the new year on saturday December 30th and for the first time I felt special ( I mean is it wrong?) .

This is how it happened, I usually go to events alone that you already know, it’s late my main objective is to park the car, get there, spend an hour and leave, no I’m not a party animal, I don’t even like parties that much and if I’m there you know I’m working…so fast forward: I finally get to park the car about 2 blocks away, I’m walking to the place of course uttering my little prayer that I get there safely in the streets of Fort Lauderdale. As I arrived of course I was about to enter the wrong door so the nice lady directs me to the main entrance. Walking towards such, a limo stops to drop a group of people off that were also invited to the party, making my way to the door I’m thinking the group of men in black were also part of the herd:

“Excuse me..Pardon me” as I scurry along to get to the stairs…I wasn’t fast enough, this young man comes in front of me and asks:
-“are you alone?”
so he offers his arm as he stood 6 feet tall in front of me with a million dollar smile. I couldn’t explain it, but no man has ever done this for me, made me feel like a lady, made me feel important, though he was just doing his job, but if my skin were lighter I assure you that you could have seen the red transformation.

It wasn’t the man himself, it was what he represented, as you can see he is wearing a mask, so he could have been anyone. What if a man like that really existed for me? What if a 6 foot, handsome stallion came along and actually did love me, cherish me, and made me the center of his world? So many questions..

What could have been…open your heart they say, love is not a sentiment that I’m thrilled to reckon with. When the mind only knows hurt, it feels strange around what feels RIGHT. Therefore all I really wanted to say is kudos to all the couples who stick it out, who work it through, marriage is not easy, it’s work but the kind of work that can really make you or break you. I’m not sure if true love will ever happen to me but I applaud all those who are brave enough to go through it.

Here is to your happiness!!!!!!!

Photo by SJ