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Photography credit New world vision blog

Rebuilding Haiti -Photography credit New world vision blog

35 seconds…that’s all it took

35 seconds can change a world’s perception of a nation, 35 seconds can also change a nation’s mentality.

Today January 12 2012 marks the second anniversary of the saddest most devastating moment in the life of all Haitians around the world. Where 300.000+ people lost their lives while a greater number is left to wonder what’s next?

Staying positive in a moment like this is probably the hardest thing to suggest to anyone affected by this event, but Haiti is a nation full of strength and HOPE. We will see the smiles of its children once more and a better future is definitely reachable that I believe.

35 Seconds… that’s all it takes to say a little prayer, and thank the Almighty for preserving those close to us who survived.

35 seconds…We will never forget….