November 19th, 2010….It’s a new era, though RAP Kreyol has been in the midst of music for quite sometime now, its rise is surely to reach the mainstream charts in a very short time.



Black Mp Well

RKM Recordz did it again, from a great line up to great performances the atmosphere could not have been better. The night started by introducing upcoming artists such as  Stichiz, young vibrant woman with an iron will and deep love for her roots poured her heart out on the stage in remembrance of those still in the continuing fight for survival in our beloved country Haiti. Followed by Gato who caught the crowd with his catchy word “anmweeeyy”, also called the Haitian gut cry. Next Mr Black Mp Well made us dance with “Ralel epi lagel nan wel li”, the crowd couldn’t get enough. These 3 enthusiastic passionate upcoming artists left their heart on the stage and wanted the world to know that complete success was inevitable…kudos to them and RKM Recordz for introducing the fresh and the new of the now generation!


Sebastien of Xtassy

Claude of Xtassy

The night continued with Mr Popular… Mikaben, who deserves an article for himself just for his diverse and unique acheivements, followed were Miami’s favorite band I have to say I have seen these boys evolve… from their first performance that I have attended back in February of this year and this one… there is a big difference, I can tell they have matured and demonstrated ownership of the stage that night…my babies are all grown up now..snif..snif!!! LOL.

5 Etwal

And last but not least 5 ETWAL closed the show with a magnificent performance!

The night oozed of nothing but talented individuals, if you weren’t there, you probably missed it…but your girl will always be there to let you know what was hot in the streets of the one and only MIA.

Till next time!! smooches!

**Pictures compliments of CanSee Photography