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  Did the title catch your attention?! I bet it did but don’t worry this is not about the US economy..but instead about THE WALLSTREET GROUP who demonstrated once again what success is suppose to look like.

Chris Jacques and his partners never cease to amaze me when it comes to their exploits.

It’s probably only been a year since I started to write about the Wallstreet group and their events, you’ve read their beginning, their ups and down and now their success. Young entrepreneurs who took South Florida by storm. Promoting Kiss & Tell is so well done that you would think that missing out on such a party would be the biggest mistake of the century.

DJ Scoobz

You’ve seen some of my reviews about the certain

Mimi and the girls

places in Fort Lauderdale, I tend to be honest when it comes to my opinion. I have been at a few parties that have left an after taste with me,  but with Kiss & Tell it wasn’t the case at all, the crowd looked classy and fabulous and the music trendy and hip, orchestrated by young DJ Manny Mix and  one and only celebrity DJ Scoobz.

You are probably saying, seen one party…seen them all, well not quite! The scenery plays a big role in whether you enjoy yourself or not, the location, Suite100, conveniently located in Riverfront Las Olas...yes you’ve guessed it by the water, seemed to be the ideal place for such an event. Spacious, inviting and sophisticated, the ambiance definitely set the standard for its patrons.

Now this may be my last blog about parties but not my last about places in South Florida. My goal is to make sure you enjoy the journey with me while experiencing diversity. However if you have experienced a party and would like to share your thoughts, know that you always have a place here on CCwC’s blog to express yourself. My contributing writers have done it and so can you.

Chris and I

Lastly, life is short so live every minute like it was your last, until next time.

– your girl Corhinn