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Sometimes I’m thinking I should bring a camera with me when certain things happen, but with this whole conserving the privacy of others I just can’t videotape what I see but I can certainly talk about it. What is this world coming to in 2011?

But check out this video, sometimes I think men do think this

Earlier this week one of my many Facebook debates was about “women being attached to men automatically after sex and the reasons why” one answer stayed with me the whole time. The author herself, Naima Lyn doesn’t surprise me because she is a writer herself. To the point, concise and scientifically proven she has eliminated all doubt of why women attach themselves after sex. this was her comment : 

NO IT DOES NOT. The way a man treats me makes me attached to him. I don’t care if he can fuck or not. If I am in it to use him, I will NOT get attached. HOWEVER, scientists have proven that women get their oxitocin level flowing real high after sex, and that brings out their caring nature, WHICH explains why women are MORE LIKELY to get attached then men do as MEN do NOT have high OXITOCIN/CARING nature. Also, men are animals, lack feelings, why they can hit and run as many as possible AND society allows them to do so with NO consequences whatsoever particularly to their reputation 🙂 I also agree, unless a female is highly sexual there will come a time when she will dislike having men poking and digging inside her vagina, morality aside mind you. Women receive, our womb is mother earth and after enough sex with men who could care less about us, we wake up and start protecting our womb. Also, explains why many women stay with men who treat them poorly, we don’t like too many men poking in there, knowing us so intimately…and I could go on lol”

Now I’m thinking, since the secret is out, how many women will be conscience enough to deter themselves from this trap? Remember we are not all created the same and adapt to situations very differently.

Though I still believe there are still good men out there, the majority of sex driven males will continue to treat us the same as long as we let them.

Would love to hear your comments on this.