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Our children may not have the privilege of enjoying the simple things that some of us XY generation babies used to enjoy.  For example, looking forward to a nice movie on board of  a plane or NOT having to worry about paying extra on your flight to your designated domestic destination. 

For those to come and those living it today, flying has become worse than trying to get rid of a splinter under your toenail!! Having to pay for your ticket..$156.00 …paying for your seat….$16.00…Paying for your luggage…$15.00…Seeing the surprised look on your face when you find out you will have to pay extra for your drink.. built-in wi-fi internet….and human customer service…PRICELESS!!

Oh…and adding insult to injury, I wasn’t even able to enjoy the oh-so-expected offered XM radio they claim to have on board….needless to say my flight experience gave me a wake up call…Our economy hit an all time low… yes you’ve guessed it :the bottom of my pocketbook!!!

Flying has become a task that needs to get done and over with, instead of an experience to be remembered. Farewell childhood memories of a pleasant journey for thy extreme overcharges have kept me scared for life!

As the world changes so must we adjust…just know that by the time you land you will reach the destination you have been looking forward to your whole” flight”!!

This was your girl Corhinn ….sharing the love…until next time …Stay cool!