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Stroling down Washington St in South Beach Fl…I don’t think I had an idea of what was waiting for me at the World Erotic Art Museum…surrounded by nothing but talent and no I’m not taking about the art from the museum…Tea Rose Handbag and shoe Collection owned by Sebrina Burkes

and Rax Jewelry Collection by Rachel Jeanty and Alejandro Gonzalez. my expectations were exceeded, as a woman shoes bags and accessories are the most essential part of an outfit. Sebrina demonstrated that as the fall season approaches so must we be ready for the new fashion trend, from Classy sandals, to daring pumps and out of this world high heel boots accompanied by the latest clutches, handbags and purses, decisions had to be made, many who entered for the admiration of the museum came out with more than looks of awe on their faces.

Moreover Rax exuded originality , creativity and uniqueness throughout its collection and of course knowing who I am I could not resist but trying something on…I have discovered that each and every one of their pieces had a name, the very one I tried on “VENUS PARADOT” ,besides being a perfect match with my outfit, called my name in every sense of the way and of course I ended up owning it.

Both Rax and Tea Rose are growing tremendously and will be part of the international fashion world very soon. Sometimes it is better to own a piece of history in the making. I can smell success in the air and can’t wait to see what the future will bring for both of them.

Ladies avoid the dreadful she-is-wearing-what-I’m-wearing moment and get yourself a piece of Rax and Tea Rose while they are still available and affordable as we all know what happens with fame!!

This was your girl Corhinn giving you a piece of the miami hottness!! till next time!!

– Deuces!!