Mimi Pericles, Swimsuit Designer

New year …new resolutions …successful expected results…so is the determination and drive of the Pericles sisters in the fashion world, Mimi Pericles owner of Beware Swimwear, is a stylist and talented designer whom I had the privilege to follow for quite some time now; accompanied by her sister Kerline Pericles an exceptional make up artist, decided to start the new year in style!!. Their perseverance is more than admirable. In this business only the tough survive. Her presented line that night was inspired by the fireworks of the new year: sparkly and inviting; all showcased at a mini mansion in Plantation FL at Kouture Event’s NYE Party.

For the record…non residents of Miami, I have discovered for you that private parties at mini mansions….ROCK!! The decor was quite enjoyable for sure!!

Kerline Pericles

Hosted by the DJ Blankz the party catered to the young and the energetic. Delicious free food and drinks were served and to top it off a tasteful fashion show to rinse the eyes in this festive welcoming.

Of course the models strut their stuff …their glistening well oiled skin walking down the runway put a smile on those many attendees’ faces …particularly …moi…your girl…hm ..I have to reiterate that ladies, you would have had plenty of candy to feast your eyes on. What a way to start the year!..oh oh I’m suppose to focus on the swimwear…ok bring it back!!!  the swimwear line…creative and totally Miami chic!

I have to give kudos also to the DREAM TEAM, a group of young male models and entrepreneurs who not only put work into what they love but also take the opportunity of their youth to pursue their dreams. As you can see .. looking this good doesn’t come easy…those long hours at the gym pay off!!!

The Dream Team

It kind of couples up with the “I want to lose weight” resolution for the year, my advice : commit…any resolution in this world no matter what it is, takes your full commitment. And if you can’t…don’t do it , it’s all about decisions that you make, and these decisions determine your life pattern.I did mention on my radio show that my resolution for the year is to stand by my word no matter the factors or circumstances, and to quote the words of the great Malcolm X -“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Life is short and truthfully it’s better living doing something you love instead of looking back trying to sum up your achievements and to realize the results were zero…Alright I’m not here to preach!!!…lol

Overall, great party, wonderful fashion show . Ladies I commend you on your work and wish you nothing but success in 2011. And boys keep doing what you love…the picture below, taken backstage, was purely innocent but I had so much fun that I’d thought I’d share it with you!!! (all my rights are reserved to this picture it belongs to the blog and shall not be posted anywhere else . thank you)

These boys were too much!!!


Pictures provided by Monica Jean Normil and  Antonio Martez Photography more photos are on the dream team and Chit Chat with Corhinn Fan page