Category: Fashion World

The New Year is here, so summer is surely on its way! This summer, we’ve got many new trends rising and also many repeats from last year, like crop tops and minimalistic pieces. This summer is also all about themes, no matter where you live. Whether you’re going for the more urban “New Yorker” style or you’re all decked out in neons, this will definitely be a stylish summer for everyone!

Quirky Prints: This first trend has definitely been showing signs of its takeover lately, on different types of dresses, tops, and even pants! What’s awesome about this trend is that it is completely random, and can give any otherwise conserved or elegant piece a more fun look, so that’s why this trend is especially popular amongst teens and 20’s. This style is also going to be a big hit for people in warmer places like Florida, since it will without a doubt be showing up on bathing suits everywhere!



Crop Tops: Returning for another year in the fashion world are crop tops, every girl’s favorite during the hot summers. These tops come in every color, print and even texture possible, and they’re all popular for summer, so that’s why they stay such a hot trend, especially for 2014. Crop tops are great for going out on hot days and they definitely show a lot of midriff, which is great during the summer since the temperatures are so hot, and they look cute as well! Crop tops are also very versatile, and can look cute paired with anything, which makes them great for both daytime and nighttime looks!


                While these are the top two biggest trends of this summer so far, there are so many other different fun styles and trends to try for 2014 that will remain a popular hit this summer! So while you’re having fun at this beach, make sure to stay trendy in cute quirky prints and crop tops, and you’ll sure to be stylin’ this summer!

By Carly Maddox – Guest writer