As I write this, it at occurred to me that it might have been long overdue. But as the expression states, it is never too late to do good, I believe that I have done the right thing by bringing these words to you.

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you would do just about anything to keep it alive or to pursue it. Meeting the 3C Campaign team has put me in front of honorable soldiers. the kind that will defend their cause at the ultimate price. For those of you who may not know who they are, it’s very simple really, a young group of men and women, and I believe still in their twenties, through hard work and sleepless nights, who fight to give a voice to children with AIDS.

Young advocates for the cause

Not too long ago Isiah Brooks, Executive Director of 3C Campaign, invited all his advocates to a mixer that he personally hosted. As he stopped to say a word… his body, gestures  and message oozed of passion. Words that spoke directly to the heart, as we were unaware that such plague could do so much damage…put it this way,  how would you like to have your own child agonizing over a daily routine of waking up in a hospital and having to take meds as its daily meals, still with little chance of surviving and its flesh and bones deteriorating right before your eyes, and you, as a parent…relative…or friend… have absolutely no power over stopping these consequences…Think about it.

Steven Vaughn and Isiah Brooks

As I stated before, if you had read my previous blog “Fantabulous show for a worthy cause” we don’t think about these diseases when we are in the “moment”. Their mission is to create that awareness, and stop the spreading of this monster at the root, by encouraging safe sex among young people.

Realistically, no matter the situation, sex is inevitable, you know you’re going to do it anyway so why not be safe about it…I mean come on they make condoms that are ultra thin these days, if “feeling it” as you put it, is what you fancy.

But what I like about them is the way they create that awareness, no one wants to hear a boring PSA about what to or what not to do…why not party for a great cause, now I usually would tell you AFTER the party happened but this time I would love for you to experience it first hand. On OCTOBER 30th at the TEMPO A ROCK RESORT located at 1100 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 come experience 3C Campaign’s CHOCOLATE MASQUERADE!!!!!.

Tickets are on sale on their website at and the proceeds will go towards these children that they have taken under their wing.

Of course you are probably asking yourself what’s in it for me, how about being part of an elite crowd, enjoying a sexy fashion show, delicious hors d’oeuvres,  and mingling with Hollywood stars such as Aaron Smalls, Tito Puente Jr.,   Carolina Schwitzky and our very own Celebrety dj …DJ RAZ !!! A public raffle and a silent auction will be taking place where the prizes will be out of this world!! And no that’s not all, how about receiving a complimentary gift just for being there…but you will have to actually show up to find out what prestigious company would be so generous!!

A night of fun, class and exquisite delights!!! Dress code will be strictly enforced and don’t forget your mask!!!

I will be there, will you?????