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The world of fashion is a cut throat business and after going to many fashion shows in South Florida, I have concluded that it is truly a matter of competition, and how important it is to stand out. Sarahi, the name alone will spark an interest in any fashion critic’s mind.

gownI had the utmost privilege to witness the launch of Sarahi’s new signature line of “curves” jeans at their exclusive yacht party in Downtown Miami.

First I would like to point out Sarahi’s popularity derived from her gowns, showcasing a touch of sophistication and class, these masterpieces are certainly deemed red carpet worthy.

The models exquisitely dressed definitely well represented the brand and demonstrated their skills at a professional level. Designer Suzette Kelly Of Sarahi House of Fashion is truly a gem in this industry.

The second part of the show launched her brand new line of signature jeans which have the unique ability of highlighting a woman’s best feature and  were specifically designed to hide that pick-a-boo of our derriere; Perfectly hugging a woman’s curves at the right places, accentuating her silhouette while keeping the conservative look a trend. Hard work definitely pays off in this department, I surely will applaud the effort put in those jeans, the bright color patterns surely represented the fun and jolly atmosphere of Miami a great opening to the Spring Season. Let the record show that these Jeans are not size restricted, and will cater all women.



What stricken me the most is her passion for providing jobs where she resides. The Jeans are currently being manufactured here in the US of A,   She insisted to have a close supervision on her product and to assure that each item came out with the quality she publicizes, indeed having to touch and feel the material myself, I can assure you that she will definitely get satisfied clients for the product she delivers. An inside scoop leaked that she is actually speaking to major stores at the moment, certainly a joy to having to make a huge step so quickly. I am impatiently looking forward to seeing more of Sarahi and would like to wish my congratulations to Suzette Kelly and surely much success in her future endeavors.