Sarahi Jeans Launching party

The world of fashion is a cut throat business and after going to many fashion shows in South Florida, I have concluded that it is truly a matter of competition, and how important it is to stand out. Having to witness a fashion show on a yacht, totally takes the cake. However, my readers know that I keep it real so here we go:

LOVED that I actually had to be there on time and early to board, I was received by a courteous and friendly staff who made sure that I was directed to the right floor, I had a VIP ticket I wanted to make sure I get the full experience for you guys lol. the atmosphere was inviting, upscale just my kind of environment. As the night went on I DISLIKED the fact that the 4th floor was actually dedicated to the general admission, now let’s see we are talking upper deck, with the beautiful view of the sea and tall buildings in Miami, full access to the wonderful weather and get this, Boris Kodjoe and DJ Springer of Power 96 were actually on that floor. Now how I knew the 4th floor wasn’t VIP, one of the staff members pointed me to the general admission floor, and reiterated that the 3rd floor was VIP. DISLIKED that there were no distinction between VIP and general admission, I might as well had paid the $50 instead of the $75…moving on!

gownLOVED the additional touch of hors d’oeuvres served, the drinks were totally affordable and served with a smile. I kind of DISLIKED the fact that the cooked food was being sold, I think the food could have been included, not in big portions of course but as in “amuse bouches” big plates really weren’t necessary for that particular party.

As the night takes its course, the fashion show began with a bang! LOVED …LOVED…LOVED the gowns, the models exquisitely dressed definitely well represented the brand and demonstrated their skills at a professional level. Designer Suzette Kelly  Of Sarahi House of Fashion is truly a gem in this industry. The second part of the show launched her brand new line of signature jeans which have the unique ability of highlighting a woman’s best feature and  were specifically designed to hide that pick-a-boo of our derriere. Perfectly hugging a woman’s curves at the right places, accentuating her silhouette  while keeping the conservative look a trend. Hard work definitely pays off in this department, I surely will applaud the effort put in those jeans, the bright color patterns surely represented the fun and jolly atmosphere of Miami a great opening to the Spring Season. The only thing that was a bit awkward was the male model/actor who was pulling the other models towards him,  …my reaction and my surrounding’s reaction left us strangely speechless ..I just thought that last part wasn’t necessary. Congratulations to Suzette Kelly and surely much success to you in your future endeavors.jeansgroup

However, I DISLIKED the fact that Boris acted like a tool, there comes a time a celebrity needs to remind him or herself that the fans made you, acting like a complete tool doesn’t do it for his image, he looked miserable the whole night, sitting in his little corner and only getting up for pictures that he didn’t even smile in. I had more fun speaking to DJ Springer then I had speaking to Boris. I will keep my comments to myself but goodness!  By the way shout out to DJ Springer…LOOOOOVE and MISS your show on Power 96!

Last but not least, LOVED the boat, LOVED the company, LOVED the networking and LOVED the music…however DISLIKED the fact that the advertised flyer said “hosted” byus-ed1 Boris when he was sitting there the whole time not doing anything, Boris you are cute and all but I really expected more from you, these days looking cute doesn’t do it for me anymore lol. While I returned to my car, a few guests, returning from the party as well, were expressing their disappointment in Boris also however they were happy with the fashion show. I would not have said it if it wasn’t’ true.

Finally overall I gave this experience a Three-star-rating . Great friends, great music, great food, awesome show! Until next time!!