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After having met this young lady, I can totally understand her drive and determination for success. At the young age of 25, she has already accomplished what most of us in our 30’s can’t dare to dream of. From serving in the military to achieving a masters degree in criminal justice, Ms Mercedes Dericho certainly left an impression at this year’s Fashion Designers Expo.

With a risky taste in her designs, she demonstrates that women can showcase their sexy without being provocative. Moreover, I loved her high waisted 2 pieces, why do you ask? Because they appeal to the curvaceous women like me! It flattens the tummy and accentuates the buttocks. With vibrant colors and unique designs, I can foresee her line , Risque Dukes Swimwear, selling in departments stores internationally.

Below are some highlights of her collection , Risque Dukes Swimwear Apparel :

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2014-09-27 17.26.28