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I have decided to keep this on my personal blog because what I had to say was a bit lengthy and I don’t think your website has a button for reviews.

First and foremost it was a pleasure to attend your private screening, I’ve realized that the Haitian community will never stop producing talent and I hope we can be part of the mainstream film industry very soon.

What I have observed about the movie, the good side of it:

1- The plot is great, the writer definitely would pass as an indie film writer, the overall story made sense and married people all over the world can relate to the story.

2- Though the actors were not trained some of them truly have talent, Kako, Michelle and Jude are definitely on top of the list, they are truly believable and do not stutter or hesitate on their delivery. You can tell they truly have the experience and as a viewer I can immerse myself in their characters.

3-  The chosen locations for the shootings were perfect…I don’t even know what to say about that part, you guys truly did a great job on finding great locations.

Now for the part that needs work:

1- Too many unnecessary closeups, example when Juno and Vivian were on the boat some closeups were so close you didn’t realize that the hat was blocking some of Juno’s face at some point. that needs to be edited. You don’t have to be that close to their faces. Same issue when they were at Moca Cafe (I could totally tell it was Moca unless I’m wrong…LOL) They were at the bar talking, unnecessary closeups there as well. Closeups are meant to put emphasis on an emotion or a word a person is about to say but the whole conversation in closeups is a bit much

2- the story didn’t flow, it took me mid movie to understand the plot, At the beginning it would be better to introduce the characters, maybe by writing their names as they first enter frame or having Juno narrate since he is the principal of the movie. Also there needed to be transitions, for example after the therapy scene and the segway to “Juno’s friend” coming from the airport, I couldn’t understand why it was cut so fast to this “actor shooting a movie” I think the movie lacks narration, or at least to flow perhaps a key element to show the friendship of the guys perhaps as they were kids it would have been easier to understand why the dry cuts to certain characters like the lawyer and the actor.

3- The shank scene at he prison in the movie was unnecessary, it has no bearing and no meaning as these characters are irrelevant to the plot. Also how do you go from shanking a prisoner to cutting to a scene where he just walks out of prison?…something is missing there, nobody walks out of prison just like that. Especially after committing murder, how did he get out? that scene didn’t make sense.

4- When Juno had his argument at the table when they went on vacation, and coming back home, his wife is already cuddling him, there was no middle, there needed to be something that depicts why they were talking back to each other, how did they reconcile?  you can’t go from “ OMG you are a horrible husband and I’m leaving the end of the vacation with my friends instead of with you” to ” Hey baby what you said when we were on vacation didn’t exist and we should totally go on a date” there needs to be a middle.

5- The porn scene with Sadine and Jeremy was unnecessary, the edit of a closeup shot of the butt and breasts were unnecessary this scene needs to be re-edited. it looks too pornographic, there is a fine line between a porn and being sensual, when the emotions from the crowds depict disgust something is wrong with the scene. Edit it differently so that it looks sensual and not pornographic.

6- Please be mindful of the sound, some scenes where there was “upset yelling” was too loud compared to the normal conversation ratio. Also there is also a phone scene where the sound was too loud can’t remember which one it was between Sadine and another character.

7- Soften the skin or color correct the love scenes, too much cellulite showing. It takes away from the whole beauty of it. The Makeup artist could have adjusted that as well if it wasn’t possible via equipment, it’s called airbrushing. 


I know we love to hear how much of a great job everyone did, but I would rather tell the truth instead of sugar coating things. This movie has the potential to be at Sundance, but you need to make corrections before submitting it to any major film festivals. If your intentions are to leave it for the Haitian community then I’m sure the accolades will come plenty, but in order to go mainstream certain adjustments need to be made.  I overall give it a 3 star.

 Hopefully that helps and may you continue to create more art as you are raising  the bar for other film makers out there.


Corhinn Brunot
Editor in Chief
CREATIV Magazine Inc.