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Resolutions are firm decision that transpires into achievements once they are taken seriously. I’ve always applauded Mimi’s admirable way of dealing with life. Being thick doesn’t define who you are. Miami the city of superficiality can push a woman to do unthinkable things. With ads about weight loss and cosmetic surgery saturating the streets, one’s self esteem can easily be affected just by paying attention to the negative media portrayed upon young women today.

Let’s take weight loss for example, as it is the most common decision taken at the beginning of the year, consequently you can all witness, when Mimi made the firm decision to lose the weight which undeniably was a threat to her health, there were 3 things she focused on without giving it a second thought.

1 – Clearing her mind of all doubts: When making a decision, the presence of doubt should be non existent. This decision should be firm and irreversible. No grey area, no questioning, no doubt period.

2- Consistency: By making the decision to go to the gym and eating right, the hardest part was to keep going. Most of us make the decision of going to the gym the 2nd of January of the year but by the time January 4th rolls in that decision was already out the window.

3- Focus: Keeping your eye on the prize should be your motivation. Don’t see it as becoming skinny. As I applied the same principle it’s about being healthy. Set a goal you can and want to achieve. If it’s reading more, start small perhaps a paragraph a day then slowly but surely you will be transitioning to pages and then the whole book, it will become second nature.

Resolutions are made on  a daily basis but without those 3 elements that decision will feel light as air and eventually disappear. What was your resolution this year? we are still within the first week of January did you quit yet? Every January 1st give us the chance to reset our lives, start anew, however resolutions are best kept when taken randomly. One shouldn’t wait for the beginning of the year to make a decision, but if it happens to fall within that period then so be it. I just found that a resolution started in November seem to stick better, but that’s just me!!

No matter what your resolution may be the key is sticking with it and not quit.

Here’s to a great year!