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It seems like I was made to do this, there are those who do and those who talk about it.. and I can certainly talk about it. We have finally come to the final point of The RAW Events of 2013 the RAWARDS: A ceremonial extravaganza where the Raw Artists Organization recognizes phenomenal artists in their proper category, whether they are in photography, fashion, Makeup, Dance, Music, sculpture or painting. As customary I always get acquainted with artists that leave a certain impression on me.

rachel and IThis time the highlight goes to Rachel Matos, I’ve had the privilege of asking her  what was the inspiration


Rachel Matos Painting

behind her work and her answer stunned me: her paintings represent the struggles of every woman on earth, and how the patterns and the scarf represented their protection, the final painting will be the complete uncovering of the woman’s face, part of a collection where she started with the complete covering of the face. I think it’s genius the way the woman’s face jumps out of the frame as if you can touch her. I had to buy one of her paintings, yes she is that good!

It’s amazing how RAW creates an atmosphere where such talented people can be found under one roof. The competition was tough however I was really proud when I found out that some artists from my country Haiti, were featured, such as Matti Domingue of Zoule MakeUp who modeled a collection of animal prints bringing out the wild side in a woman and Ole Bijoux who showcased a nice array of handmade island inspired jewelry, proud of these girls for making their mark.

beeIt was truly a blend of pure talent, one in particular left me in awe, Erin Barylski’s Splits Art .It’s amazing how she was able to create an amazing carnival of colors with her body, literally using her arms, legs, stomach and back to create a bumble bee painting. She was featured in America’s Got Talent and David Letterman, and I must say she is an amazing artist.


Grand Stand by Joann Chan

The night was filled with entertainment and beautiful talent, moreover even the fashion category made a nice impression, I really admired the creativity of Joann Chan of Grandstand Fashion, her quirky and fun look was actually my favorite and definitely fashion week worthy.

But enough with the Chit see what I did there!! Let’s announce the winners shall we?!:

Miami Filmmaker of the year: Human Pictures
Miami Photographer of the year: Jason Bassett
Miami Musician of the year: Antonia Jenae
Miami Performing Artist of the year: Splits Art by Erin Barylski
Miami Hair Stylist of the year: Hair By Elaine
Miami Makeup Artist of the year: Christina Neptune Artistry
Miami Accessory Designer of the year: Kristin Art Jewelry
Miami Visual Artist of the year: Charles Leano
Miami Fashion Designer of the year: Grandstand Fashion

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!

RAW was indeed fun this year from beginning to end and I was really ecstatic to be part of it. 2013 was blast, see you all next year.

more pictures are available on 5 sur 5 tv facebook page