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If you have read my last article regarding RAW’s last event then you can say that I have given some pretty stern criticism. Kadelioscope was not really up to par when it comes to my standards, however EN MASSE Showcase was much better organized. RAW’s main objective is to shed the light on genuine organic artists, from painters to photographers, fashion designers to singers. All under one roof, these participants proudly showcase their work.


Vinyl Art by KeShaunda Parrish


KeShaunda Parrish

For the little bit of time that I was there attending, I probably had most of my senses in high gear that night. Entering the visual art room, I had the privilege of talking to some talented individuals. I was fascinated by KeShaunda Parrish‘s choice of subjects for her art, her subjects were easily recognizable as she painted celebrities of today’s pop culture, however what was unique about her art was the painting was done on vinyl records. Turning a blast from the past to a complete work of art.

Melissa Pena1

Ardor Series by Melissa Pena

Next on my list of abstract artist Melissa Pena, side note I loooove abstract just in case you were wondering, that particular style of art has this effect on me where I’m able to form my own opinion about what art should feel like. A blend of colors, whisking you away in space beyond your imagination, where nothing else matters but the blessings of having life, health and the ability to see another day. This next piece, as I interpret it says “figure me out”, pieces of a puzzled mind trying to be whole. It may have a complete different meaning to you or the artist, however that’s what speaks to me.

Of course, there can’t be art without fashion and music. this time I am glad that I was able to capture a little bit of video. The beautiful voices of Tre Lee and Leslie Cartaya left me in awe. Tre Lee with her R & B and Soul will make you fall in love again with real music and Leslie Cartaya, not only had a positive message in her songs but definitely brought me back to my younger college years where nothing mattered but the sound of the drums and steps of my feet!


Accessories by QueenB

On a fashion standpoint the handbags and clutches of QueenB were a fashionista’s dream, an array of colors and unique

me at raw1

patterns that cannot easily be replicated. Moreover, as I can see she uses materials inspired by nature for instance this unique yellow clutch with animal horn accents…come to think of it I have the perfect shoes that will match it (guess I will need to talk to her about that soon …LOL!!)

Overall, this month’s RAW Natural Born Artists’ event definitely shone the light on amazing artists, I personally enjoyed it, I wish I could have stayed longer however I’m definitely looking forward to the next one with anticipation. Kudos Melissa Hernandez, Director of RAW Miami this event was pure success!!  Enjoy the Video!