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Time and time again RAW never ceases to amaze me with the kind of talent it brings, for the rebels, the unconventionals, the true lovers of art there is no place like RAW…There is no place like RAW…I’m clicking my heals and nothing’s happening..oh no wait the next event is in July…lol. The May 22nd event is called RAW REVOLUTION:

laritaThis time around I had the privilege to meet the talented LaRita JaNae , the featured piece waslarita1 actually very serendipitous, she painted her and her friend laying on a bed having fun. Now I love the fact that she loves color, even her fashion sense was on point,  the combination of her fuschia Hijab and turquoise Jilbaab (I hope I’m saying it right) looked fashionably exquisite. Her technique is really free and fluid. and puts you in that world of fantasy for quick moment.

ashley painting

Grandfather by Ashley Lindo

Ashley LindoAnother great artist that I had the privilege to talk to is Ms Ashley Lindo, her painting was quite interesting to me, she specializes in portraits and I could definitely tell that if it wasn’t a self portrait it was definitely about her family. She then shared with me that the center painting was indeed her grandfather and the one to the right was her sister. Though she will not sell her pieces I’ve reassured her that she should definitely explore her talent to a higher level as only her confidence can shine through her art.


Now you know I can’t go to RAW and not highlight my Haitian Artists!!! My goodness this new young photographer is so talented that I have invited her to be one of our magazine contributors Ms. Bianca Pierre 

pierreThe story behind her art is capturing the most humane interesting moments, her latest portrait was about her friend who recently lost a loved one to the jail system and he was in deep pain smoking a cigarette while being in deep thought, she coupled her portrait with one of the poems he wrote which worked perfectly. Her style of editing gives you the impression that the picture was actually painted. LOVE IT!! can’t wait to feature her work.

Following is a short video of what I could capture in terms of live music and fashion. At RAW it’s always a pleasure to experience different styles of music. Ex Norwegian and That Nu Chic poured their heart on the stage and left the audience wanting more. On the fashion standpoint I was really happy to reconnect with former model now  RAW fashion designer of the year Hadascha, oh did I mention she was Haitian! Her models were definitely well chosen and represented her with class on the runway. She coupled her pieces with accessories by Nico Ray and closed the show with a bang!

RAW Revolution was blast! You did it again Melissa (RAW Director) Can’t wait til the next one! Enjoy this little excerpt, it was pleasure talking about my favorite subject ART, until next time!!