Imagine you coming home to an empty apartment…tired, as you had partied all night..disputed with your man and wrestled a stalker…you take off your clothes, put on your lingerie and suddenly…The lights go off…as you cautiously step outside the bedroom with that sense of fear that someone might be lurking around your hallway; you stumble upon a dark shadow with the silhouette of a knife that looks like the extension of the intruder’s hand…No where to run…No where to hide … the plot has already been planned …here you are cornered… sweating bullets…the killer try to escape but the door won’t open..what to do…where to go…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Too are trapped… and at the grip of an unmerciful soul…Needless to say what happens next, but you can pretty much imagine that your goose would be totally cooked by the end of that scene!!!

Vladimir Lescouflair

So has been one of the parts of the Movie “Disturbed” which I was invited to the screening on September 25th written and produced by Vladimir Lescouflair

Perry Cassagnol and I

and Perry Cassagnol and also directed by Nelda Augustin , prominent movie makers in the Floridian community.

The cast was such a delight, one in particular Sofie Gilot an upcoming actress impressed me the most, for one of her scenes was reaaaallly disturbing“, but you would have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about! Moreover,  Mr. eye candy himself Uriel Chery didn’t show any shyness at all when it came down to making out with Ms. unsuspected , Jennifer Alexandre.

Sofie Gilot

But realistically speaking, Mecca aka Grimo’s performance was nothing but excellent…EXCELLENT I say , his scene flowed, his conversations were smooth and slid like liquid..Bravo and a standing ovation!!!…No wonder he got chosen to be part of The American TV series Burn Notice.

Mecca aka Grimo

Often Haitian Talent is overlooked and discouraged. But these actors, producers, directors, writers and entourage have proven that perseverance is the key to undeniable success.

I had the privilege to be around winners and urge anyone with an aspiring dream not to give up, as the road to your goals is full of obstacles… but yet achievable.

I want to congratulate the staff of “Disturbed” and wish them nothing but impeccable triumph in their future endeavors.

This was once again your girl Corhinn giving you a taste of Miami’s hottness..until next time!!