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My name is Jessica Donette and I was so proud and honored to be part of such historic moment at FAU on Tuesday April 7th and to be amongst three thousand other people who welcomed our president Barack Obama to FAU in Boca Raton.  Students were overjoyed as president Obama walked across the stage at about 3pm just before he delivered his speech to the public. We honestly felt like it was a great day to be an OWL.

President Obama highlighted that everyone deserves a fair chance, the way our economy could grow due to the fact the government is funded by us, and therefore it has an obligation to be efficient and effective. Investments in the things that matter most such as education, health care research need to be strengthened and continued

One of the subjects President Obama talked about was the buffet rule; which according to Wikipedia is:

The Buffett Rule is a tax plan proposed by President Barack Obama in 2011[1] to alleviate income inequality in the United States between the top 1% of Americans[2] and the remaining 99% of Americans, due to the income growth in the 1% group as compared to the 99% group. The tax plan would apply to individuals earning more than $1 million per year; this comprised the top 450,000 of Americans by income when the rule was proposed.[3]  Read More.

He mentioned that the most important way we can help right now is by calling, writing and tweeting our congressmen to urge passage of the buffet rule.

I thought it was a great turnout over all, students were full of energy and enthusiasm through the event, President Obama highlighted one last quote from past Republican president Abraham, Lincoln which stated” through our government we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.”

There are many ways students, family and friends can be involved in helping to make sure that our president gets re elected next year. Volunteers are needed at the local OFA office near you log onto

Get involved and let’s get our president re-elected

Jessica Donette

Host of The 5 Sur 5 TV show


Photo credits: Jessica Donnette and Adassah PierreLouis
Video edited by Corhinn Brunot