Taking a turn for the better

Have you ever felt at any point of your life that something needs to change. Well this is me at 37 years of age. I have to admit its scary approaching my 40’s. I didn’t expect to grow up this fast, where did the time go? You would think that I would get my Ah-Ha moment at 35, well no. The year 2015 was an eye opener. Becoming a franchise owner, while undergoing surgery for tumor removals, apparently a common disease among black women. To even witnessing my mother undergoing Chemotherapy. It was definitely a trial year but just like everything else I survived. The bad moments don’t last. 

Resurfacing in the year 2016, I took a break from producing my annual fashion show to focus more on my new acquired business, mastering becoming a franchise owner. That stuff is not easy, thankfully I didn’t have to do it alone, I have my partners to thank for that. Moreover, I told myself that I would focus more on CREATIV Magazine, my new baby and it actually paid off. In October of 2016, the magazine has been requested by the Palm Beach Library at the Jupiter branch, imagine my excitement!!! I have the impression that Palm Beach will become a new territory to discover and I can’t wait to see what else can be done with that city.


2017 is definitely going to be a year of FOCUS and NEW DIRECTION. CCWC is celebrating 5 years and getting a brand new look. We will be hosting the 3rd Diner En Blanc in West Palm Beach and CREATIV Magazine will soon be found at a retailer near you. 

Just know that I had nothing to do with this, that is was all God’s work. I have learned lessons that I will never forget in the past 6 years and the next 4 need to be fulfilling before I hit my 40’s.

I have to also thank my biggest fan, the one woman who gave me my starter seed. The one woman who always cheers me on no matter my success or my failures, MY MOM. Without her I don’t know where I would be in this life.

I’m welcoming what this life has to offer. I just hope that God will give me enough strength to continue living it. My best advice would be find what drives you, your passion, what you love to do and go at it full force. None of this happened by accident. I’m sure that I my dreams will come true as long as I keep working hard at it. 

With this said, thank you for visiting my site and I am here to serve you. 

Warm Regards,