At the door step of 2011, what a way to exhibit the true beauty of the Haitian culture!… December 29th, 2010 marked the last “Boukan Night” of the year: a place where Haitian artists, old and new, come to showcase their work, a place that emanates true culture, beauty and art in the form of music, dance, poetry and comedy all in one night!!… And last but not least a place for fun, excitement and relaxation!!

Farah Larieux

Founded by a great team of young professionals and students about a year ago, it goes without saying the representation of our local talents will expand in a matter of time. Organized by: (respectively see pics) Angie Bell, Jean Luc Bell , Naomie Labaty and Merline Thermora  Hosted by the fabulous Farah Larieux and music interludes courtesy of DJ Francois, Boukan night makes sure that your Wednesdays put you in the mood for the weekend!!

The show began by exposing young comedian “Herbz” aka Herbst Dorneval , whose reminded me of those moments my family and I used to spend giving each other jokes on Sunday nights sitting on the patio back home! Followed by “Ban’m Anko” a renown comedian in the community whose parodies were hilaaaaarious!!!


"Ban'm Anko"

Up next came up a hard-working young lady by the name of “Naomiel” aka Naomie Labaty, whose sweet voice takes you on a journey of discovery, expressing poems such as “Avan” and “Mon negre“, soft and delightful, her words paint a picture from beginning to end. She later wowed us with a poem entitled “35 seconds” written by Reginald Desravines.

Andre Frouad

Followed by The Poet himself Andre Frouad, whose presence demanded complete dead silence..”un silence de mort” as he puts it, expressing the poem “Cendrier“,  and next, a text inspired by Beethova Obas accompanied by the clarinetist  Guivens Francois, his words project power, each line sends a message of love, strength and awareness …”konsa…konsa…konsa...”


Up next, an artist that needs no introduction…Coulgi…comedian to the max, had us laughing from our guts…one thing I’ve learned is never to attack a comedian on stage, or else you will be the target for the rest of the night so was the fate of a young lady who decided to defy his sarcastic humor…all in good fun though!!!


Followed was  “Zazou“aka Lisa Pierre, a 20-year-old vivacious young lady, whose captivating poem about the devastation of January 12th, resonated throughout the room  left us speechless and deserved a standing ovation.

As we say goodbye to 2010  in this atmosphere, the idea of having Beethova Obas closing the show was just brilliant!!!

Extremely talented and inspiring, his music and poetry is heard globally, a true pride for our nation. A man of humility, I discovered, as I “chit chatted” with him a little bit! He stands out among artists everywhere, doing what he loves his true goal is to send a message and touch your very soul. Unlike others, he doesn’t gloat about what he does, his work speaks for itself and represent him well..and loudly I must say. A true role model to the upcoming singers and poets of the next generation.

He took us back with his songs such as “Ase Babye” and  “Nou pa Moun” which were hits in the 1990’s but also graced us with a song named “Bravo Manman“from his new album “Futur” .

Another wonderful night in the heart of Miami, keeping you abreast of the what’s hot and what’s not as always …Have a HAPPY NEW AND BLESSED YEAR 2011 TO ALL!!!

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