It is usually said that no matter the struggle, music always has a way to restore piece in one’s heart.

Despite the fact that I may not be a music critic , you my readers know that I am not one to shy away from expressing myself especially when it comes to great culture.

I must admit this gentleman caught my attention, James LAMOTHE known as P-Jay, a young rapper originally from Jacmel Haiti but now residing in New York has demonstrated what true passion really means. Since the age of merely 6 years old, he surrendered himself to his first love…music in result of hiding the pain of growing up without his parents. Influenced by artists such as Eminem, started writing at the age 14 and hasn’t stopped since. Through his lyrics, he  sends a message of awareness that most of us tend to brush off or turn away from.

I will be very honest with you, I’m not a big fan of rap let alone rap kreyol but by attentively listening to his lyrics, changed my whole perspective on this genre of music. One particular song really sat me down with an opened mind…a song entitled “Plim Pam” (My pen) :”plim pam nan menm (my pen in hand) /kayem nan menm (my notebook in hand)/de gem femen m kite melodim mennenm (eyes closed I am guided by my melody)”  always finding refuge in music, a constant comfort for those whose pain never fades away.

With such audacity and zeal “His lyrical prowess, his style and his mastery in the art of storytelling have set him apart from his peers.” –RKM Recordz… to quote his publicist. As I continue to lend a strong ear to his lyrics another song stood out for me…”Rev Brize (broken dreams)”: “Yo ayisyen devoue, pou l aprann (a haitian dedicted to learn)/men l rete, pou l ap tann (left to wait)/ki ti choy ki ka tonbe pou l ka jete l, pou paran n (for the little bit given to him , to leave his home for his parents) /premye peyi m we konsa (first country I’ve ever seen like this). A song about an undefined future. Children of Haiti left to wonder after their education what their lives will entail after graduation. A country where devastation, famine and misfortune reside…a place of broken dreams.

He also exposes a reality, a reality that I would not wish for anyone to face but with his hit single “Fok Mwen ale” says it all take a listen…just a preview:


His cries are clear, so clear they pierce the sky for the Lord to hear.  [look at me rhyming..ha!]

Indeed our culture is changing as events from our past and present affect us deeply, but it will not die. I commend this young man for never giving up on himself nor giving  up on being a voice for our youth.

For more of P-Jay’s songs visit

RKM Recodz again kudos for representing again an awesome artist, 2011 looks very promising for you!

I stand firm that our Haiti will shine beautifully again one day, on this January 12th 2011 let’s celebrate life and continue to help and uplift those left in the struggle.


Photos provided by David Jean Louis, RKM Recordz and