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Oh My Goodness….I don’t think I have been so disgusted in my life. Actually I’m writing this review as I’m watching this movie Don Jon that’s how much I couldn’t wait to write about this. It’s not so much that the plot disgusts me. Actually it does too, but I was most appalled by the blatant mockery that was done on the catholic church (by the way that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t stay in the catholic church) I MEAN WHO FREAKING DOES THAT????!!!

Really all it takes to wipe your slate clean is a few Lord’s prayer and a couple of Hail Marys??? Are you kidding me??? The movie Don Jon is ….is……what’s the word?….is  GARBAGE!! However, it depicts the exact current situation of our society. I like the fact that I’m able to follow the characters from the moment they meet, date and then become exclusive. But of course it gets complicated when the girlfriend discovers his secret.


I had to close my eyes on all the sex, porn and fornication that was going on to quite understand the plot. (gave me a headache just by thinking about it)  I didn’t think it was going to be that much. Actually Don Jon should have been rated XX, dropping the last X for soft porn since you couldn’t see all the details but that’s besides the point. I couldn’t bare the thought of going to church and telling another human being about my sins, especially knowing that this same human being might need saving himself. The only BEING allowed to forgive me is GOD period. Moreover what’s the point of getting your sins forgiven that way if it’s all all a joke?

Think about it , we are all sinners right?! No one is exempt from sin, but you can’t just think that you can be forgiven and go right back to sinning??? The plot concluded with the main male character sleeping with an older woman in his class. That part was ridiculously confusing to me. In other words it’s like sending the message that since women reach their sexual peak between mid 30’s and their 50’s it was a great thing to pair them up at the end…again DISGUSTING!!!

ok I’m done…the movie morally sucks! No wonder people these days think relationships are a joke. I ended up disliking all the characters of this movie, the selfish overbearing girlfriend who had absolutely no sense what so ever, the promiscuous man who couldn’t keep his penis in his pants (he should have gotten aids maybe that would have stopped him), the druggie cougar who couldn’t make proper discernment on her own life and the unstable wing men who just encouraged the immorality. The only person that made sense throughout the whole film was the little sister (the parents for me were irrelevant). Though she spent the entire movie on her phone when she finally spoke it was actually the aha moment that I was waiting for.

Not quite sure if the director of Don Jon was going for that “what just happened” factor but hey that’s the effect that I had.

Well that’s it for me, just wanted to blow up some steam for a minute. How’s your day going?

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