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In the spirit of the holidays our first instinct is to gather the whole family and enjoy their company until the New Year comes by. Well this holiday was different, in my book that is. Invited by Merline Thermora of the awesome segment Mimi’s Corner , I have been appointed to be the guest speaker at a wonderful dinner hosted by Aline Innocent in honor of the holidays.

First and foremost I have to say that I didn’t know what to expect, being used to the whole on stage public speaking environment, I can surely say I was caught off guard in a more intimate setting.

Here are a group of young ladies who have decided to simply give thanks for their friendship. Women, more specifically *black women are not known for their unity, as we constantly feel the need to be in competition with our sisters. It seems to be in our nature for some reason. However these young ladies may have proven the world wrong that night.

As everyone pitched in one way or another, the outcome was a complete success. In a well decorated setting, food laughter and fun came in abundance. I commend the young group on their initiative to show the true meaning of togetherness and am entirely grateful to have been part of such a lovely event. I look forward to see what the next year has in store for them and wish them consistency and courage as the road to all things positive is not easy.

From my heart to yours, may you have a happy holiday and may your next year be blessed as each time the clock resets it’s a new chance for a new beginning.