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milca and i1I had the utmost privilege to meet a wonderful artist by the name of Milca..before I go on I have to say that she has definitely exceeded my expectations, her personality alone says it all. This is why artists in this industry become successful, they stay humble and connect with people, particularly their fans.

You may know her for her ever so popular zouk song “simplement” ..every time this song comes on I can’t help myself but to dance on the spot.

On another note Milca is extremely talented, a natural at her craft. She has been in love with music at a very young age and never looked back since. Though she may have been brought up in French Guyane, she is every so proud to call herself a Haitian descendent. She recently resides in France yet travels the world performing for her fans coast to coast.

Her new released album named “Par Amour” surely is a knockout, I can tell that each song was meticulously and strategically engineered. Her voice alone is just pure melody to your ears. A true delight, inside and out! Check out my in dept interview with her on 5 sur 5 TV. In the mean time enjoy her video “La Vie va donner” featuring Passi.