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When it comes to loving the body we women are often our own worse critics.  We look for clever ways to disguise the self perceived faults of our physiques. Trust me, I know because I am guilty of it too. I had a couple of experiences this week that are helping me to reshape my thinking.

While on vacation, I was admiring my friend Rebekah’s tights. These were some gorgeous black lace tights that did well to compliment her look. I expressed to her that as much as I love her tights, I didn’t think it was a look I could pull off because it took me a long time to get over how horrible I thought I would look in tights. Rebekah’s response was “You have to work with what you have now, rather than dwell on the body you wish you had.”

My second reminder of this came about while watching a makeover show. The episode featured a woman who was still in the process of losing weight, but chose to wear frumpy clothing because she had yet to achieve her goal. The show host helped her to realize that no matter what your current size is, you can still look good.

With these thoughts in mind I am moving forward with one less chip on my shoulder. I am admiring the body I have now and not dwelling on the one that is yet to come. This doesn’t mean I’ll end my health journey, it means I’m making the path a little smoother by switching to a positive outlook; I’m loving the body I have RIGHT NOW.