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Dear Readers,

 HAPPY NEW YOU!!!  No doubt you met some of your fitness goals last year, but still have a bit of a ways to go.  No need to go through semantics; let’s get right down to ShowImagebusiness.

Gainfully employed, underemployed, or unemployed, no matter what your situation you realize that eating healthy costs a whole lot more money than eating junk food. The situation can become even direr for those of us who prefer to eat organic foods.  Having a skinny wallet is NO excuse to keep on consuming a fattening diet.  It’s certainly no excuse to dress like the next potential candidate for a makeover on “What Not to Wear.”

When it comes to my savvy shopping ways, I have picked up a few tips worth sharing.

  1. 1.       Mix old with new

I try not to follow fashion trends too much, some things look good on me and others don’t.  I keep pieces in my closet that look good on me and can be mixed with new purchases to create an entirely new outfit. I am not saying to throw fashion out the window, but you need to understand who you are, what your body shape is, and what fits for you.  When it comes to choosing what fashion fads to follow, be sure to make an informed decision


  1. 2.       Thrift Stores

11-thrift-shopSurprisingly enough, people often sleep on the great deals they can get at their local thrift store.  I’ve scored some great boots, skirts, sweaters, and even a hat at my local Goodwill store. Keep an eye out for any thrift stores in your neighborhood and be sure to take your time, there is always a lot of inventory to browse through.


  1. 3.       Sign up for emails

A lot of your favorite department stores have switched to electronic couponing.  If you sign up to receive their emails, you can receive coupons directly to your smart phone which can be scanned at the register.  If the coupon can’t be scanned, often you are provided with a code to give the cashier to redeem your savings.


  1. 4.       Swap Parties

shutterstock_1013504321-300x225One of my friends recently invited me to her annual swap party.  Each attendee had to go through their closet and pick out clothes, accessories, shoes, and purses they don’t wear anymore.  Everything had to be washed, placed on a hanger, and dropped off at the venue 1 week prior to the swap.  Now let me be clear, do not bring stuff that either has holes on it, a weird stain, or that’s not worthy on passing on to someone else.  Pick out items from your closet that if your good friend came over, you would offer it  to them  as a great piece to add to their collection.  Add to that, great food, a splash of wine, some awesome music, and you are in for a great night of shopping where you don’t have to break out your wallet! I have actually picked up some classic pieces at these parties that enhance my wardrobe.



I have more tips to share, so this will be a continuing series.  Look for parts 2 and possibly 3 coming soon!


Yours in Health,

Dr. Cynthia Jean, Pharm.D.


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