Some say..”I’ve never seen you so happy in this time of your life!!”

Others think… “She must be out of her mind for laughing at herself…I mean really, who does that?!”

This picture was taken 2 years the bathroom..I had just finished ironing my hair, when I looked up and seriously liked what I saw..I’m not a super model..and for those who don’t know, I’m only 5 feet 3 inches and a size 12…11 on a good day!!!!. But yet I liked what I saw…so I started smiling…and the smile became a hard laugh…a sincere hard laugh..what was I laughing about you ask? very simple..after all the hardship…trials and tribulations..I’m still standing!!

Looking at me you wouldn’t know what I’ve been through…and where I have been…Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons when you least expect it…my story may not be the saddest one out there..but each and everyone of us has one. Some harder than others, but God specifically chose us…one by one… to testify about our triumphs over the tasks He has for us.

To be honest with you…I’ve never been the most religious person out there, as a matter of fact,  I know I have sinned and done things that I probably would have to think twice about before acting on them…but I didn’t…yet He always found a way to forgive me and let me move on.

So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror …laugh…act goofy…compliment’ll see it feels really me I’ve tried it …That literally was me holding my blackberry up and pressed the button right on time to capture this.

Life is really what you make it…you can spend it complaining about the stupid little things that “inconvenience” you or just focus on every little positive detail that put a smile on your face…YOUR CHOICE.

I dedicate this piece to the one woman in my life that never…never stopped laughing even  through her suffering with Breast cancer and death bed,  my dear auntie…Paulina Pierre-Louis RIP 1956-2009

I love you Tatie Popo!!!