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When it comes to the arts, the most beautiful feeling about it is that it doesn’t discriminate. I had the privilege to meet a lovely young lady by the name of Karian Sang. She had the opportunity to be featured on the 5 Sur 5 Show where she serenaded us with her beautiful voice. One would assume her personality would be as of the starts of today, conceded,¬†egotistical¬†and nonchalant , but to my surprise her beauty was immediately enhanced with a personality that can make you melt, humble, grateful and selfless a true angel.

I then had the chance to listen to her demo, truly talented, I can say she is a mix of Nikki Minaj, Ciara and Beyonce. Though she may have similar traits but her originality sets her apart from the rest.

I can only wish her success and to always remain a beautiful soul as she already is. Here is a snippet her talent.:


Video taken from Youtube channel mamodels