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Michelle and Barack Obama

Strong, independent, self sufficient, entrepreneurial, decisive, all the attributes of a good catch in a woman. Also attributes that can, dare I say,  intimidate a man. In the 21st century, the roles of a woman have changed [in America at least]. she has learned to raise children on her own, create an empire out of scraps and sexually isolate herself from the tempations of the world. But she is only human.

Love is beautiful, your heart races at more than 100 miles per hour at the sight of that person, you get sweaty hands and butterflies in your stomach. The antipation of seeing that person makes you transform into a little child who can’t wait for Christmas day. When in love, you tend to laugh more, giggle even. The hands of time stop and the earth seem to revolve only around you and that person for what seems an eternity.

Getting to know someone that you are attracted to is probably one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. You tend to miss them even if you’ve just seen eachother yesterday. You can be above and beyond your abilities to make that person happy, even go outside of your comfort zone all in the name of LOVE. Now I understand why love can make you do crazy things. Even worse if sex is involved. We become territorial and possessive,  and that addition becomes a complete phenomenon in our lives.

But a strong woman will put her guards up, knowing that love doesn’t come without hurt. Pain is probably the number one drive for certain achievements in this life. Pain will drive an artist to create his or her best masterpiece. Pain will become motivation in certain cases for success. How can a feeling that hurts the soul so much create society’s best model. incomprehensible!…but she’s only human.

My bottom line is no matter how strong a woman can claim to be, she longs to feel the human touch from time to time. There’s something about a man’s [a real man that is] touch that makes us feel alive. That makes us feel like we exist, that we don’t function like robots. For that small moment of bliss that strong woman becomes….just human…just woman.

Soft , seductive, nuturing and loving , attributes that define a woman who in the end can still remain…a strong human being.