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Bravo!! Bravo!! and Bravo!! that’s all I could say after I watched this wonderful work of art. The “Just Come” stage play was surely a medley of artistic genius. It surely left its audience at the edge of their seat, from drama to suspense to comedy to romance, Yonel Aris surely did a great job from picking his cast to directing the show.

Certain actors that I had the pleasure of working with personally such as Njie Sabik,  Peggy Joseph, Tico Armand and Gyvania Powell surely left me in awe. Their talents truly exceeded my expectations. Additionally, comedian “Mr Jean” was indeed a delight, there wasn’t a moment during the play where his sayings did not ignite a laugh at some point of the show. Hilarious!!!!

Let me be honest for a moment, I really think plays are where we excel, this is the second haitian play that I have attended and I really had nothing but good things to say, perhaps we still have a long way to go when it comes to movies, however the stage is definitely our strong point. No time to overthink lines or angles, it’s all about the flow. Job well done!

Yonel Aris is indeed a great director, I truly enjoyed his work and hope that he can continue to entertain our community with such brilliance. Below is a snippet of what you’ve missed this past weekend.