It’s funny how sometimes ideas for my show emerge totally out  of pure whimsical situations…For example, an awesome conversation with my good friend Oli, from the segment ” From a Man’s Perspective” got me thinking…is this what women have to look forward to these days?!!

We were having a conversation about the famous show “Millionaire Matchmaker”, when the situation arose that it just so happens that we know some people in our entourage that are exactly like these millionaires. Some of them self-made …and others heirs of ridiculous amounts of wealth. But they all have one thing in common: they can’t get a girl on their own..even if their life depended on it!! To top it off, they have a laundry list of a full description of their “male ordered Barbie doll”. In other words, we can all agree that they all pursued one thing…Money first..Love later!

Some men that I have encountered, which actually I happen to have dated one of them…ssshhhh keep it under raps!!! lol….Money came totally first. As in unequivocally… no disputing… no doubt about it Money came first type of man, from the fancy cars to the gorgeous house to whatever else you may want to think of, there was no question about it that he was sussesful…but of course lived alone, and unfortunately  had his heart broken in a previous relationship, so resulted his revenge…yes you’ve guessed it… Money…be-totally-stickin’-filthy-rich-until-he-could-get-the-woman-of-his-dreams Money!!.

Now here’s the hitch, two things may happen, either he gets a totally super hot Beyoncé look-alike by his side where he assumes total control because of course at this point she will be nothing but property, or he sides with a woman who mirrors him…to be more explicit..thinks like him , loves money like him and isn’t afraid to work for it…just like him (can you say bedroom disaster …hahahah!!!) .

The point that I’m trying to make here is, I have realized that lately the word “love” should be replaced by two  words: “mutual agreement” . Most men that are driven these days are afraid to get a good woman, despite the fact they may have different upbringing, different mentalities and therefore different goals, they would rather listen to their brain saying “Dude…she is so going to be an expense” instead of coming to a compromise and listening to their heart saying “Dude..she really loves you…and apparently would do anything for you!!”

Money can make you or destroy you..No I’m not saying that you should not have goals and dreams, that is not my point…but know that everything in life is a choice from the good ones to the bad. Men if you are going push away a good woman just to be “successful”, you got another thing coming as life always have a funny way to bring back bad karma. My ride or die chicks out there…if he dumps you for money, then he wasn’t for you since the beginning.

From my heart to you…this was your girl Corhinn..just expressing herself!!

– Deuces