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Do we make the outfit or does the outfit make us? That is the legendary question…A day of great styling is a another day to look fabulous correct?. When looking at ourselves in the mirror, that warm feeling of trying on a jacket, a skirt or a dress for the first time is unquestionably the best feeling for woman to experience.

Today on Mimi’s corner we explore what I call our identity and to answer that hard question…The outfit doesn’t make the woman but instead she makes the outfit. Feeling comfortable and sexy in what we wear is definitely essential when molding wardrobe.

Mimi had the opportunity to serve a wonderful lady in the name of Ms Christelle Prime who needed to look classy yet fabulous. Mimi your personal shopper to the rescue….as a thick woman we tend to go to the extreme at times, it’s either we cover ourselves from head to toe in fear of revealing what makes us woman, feeling vulnerable to the eyes of critics or we go the complete opposite and expose an incredible amount of skin, being in complete denial that we think we look just like another Kim Kardashian, well let’s hope my dear readers that you don’t feel this way.

There is ample reason to feel sexy in our clothes, accentuating our best assets. As you can see Christelle is a beautiful voluptuous woman with and apple shape,rocking a two piece ensemble, putting emphasis on her legs with a nice set of heels was definitely the way to go. She also wasn’t afraid to go bold with the bright colors, red is definitely a great choice.

On the left we can see Christelle in a casual professional look ready to have brunch with her friends. On the right she is ready to unwind at a nice lounge enjoying some nice jazz and a martini!

With a little thickness in the arms interchanging for a pattern jacket was brilliant not only she portrays a soiree look by still looking professional but went from neat to chic in seconds. Did you also notice the long necklace?! definitely a great accent to the apparel. a clutch added to that outfit would have also made the perfect combination.

Mimi did a marvelous job once again dressing up a satisfied client. For more of her services all you have to do is call. I hope that Christelle enjoys her two outfits and can spread the word about who made it possible.