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I hate the fact that I’m able to write only when I’m hurt, why can’t these feelings express themselves when I’m happy. I guess it wouldn’t be as interesting. More than ever I miss my dad. I really …I mean really miss him. It’s been nearly 12 years since he’s gone to Heaven. Unfortunately he didn’t get to see a lot of what I’ve achieved. My college graduation, my awards from my previous job and the birth of CCWC. I miss my dad, the only person in my life that was rational, I know he lives through my brothers especially the oldest, my goodness he is his spitting image, but my dad will always remain my dad.

That one person in life which sole purpose is to protect you from the world. His only little girl, daddy’s little girl. I miss him so much right now. His wisdom is incomparable. I still remember his subtle smile, that’s when you knew he was really happy inside. My dad wasn’t the kind who would laugh all the time, but that smile said so much. When he smiled it’s like the skies opened, no one could understand him but us. Though he was hard to please, he loved us very much.

He thought me about hard work, we’re talking about work from the time you wake up until the darkest of nights work. His family always came first, well second to God that is. pain? what pain? with one daughter and 3 sons he treated us equally no pain no gain period. “Man-up” …yep even I had to man-up. He thought us work ethics, integrity and loyalty. greatest qualities I could ever inherit from a man, that man…my dad.

I miss you dad. I miss you so much it hurts.