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Just Frustrated

Today I made a mistake, a mistake that cost me $5711.58 as a matter of fact. I don’t think anyone should make such a mistake because when it disappears it’s really gone and when you can’t get it back the aftermath is devastating. 

However, I’ve learned a lesson with all this, I’m a people pleaser, so all of this stops right now , from now on my new favorite word is NO…and if they push HEEEELLLL NO!. I can’t care anymore, the more I care the more it’s costing me money and the more it’s costing me money the more I get angry. I shouldn’t get angry because it acts up on my health, and if my health is affected trust me none of the people giving me grief wouldn’t even show up at my funeral. 

Anyway this is just me rambling because growing up alone is hard and I hate it and I needed to vent a little. Sucks to be me right. Well I can hear the voice of my mom saying that hey suck it up, life isn’t fair anyway so we just have to play with the cards that we are dealt with.  

I have realized that the world is a jungle where you have to learn how to survive , kill or be killed, survival of the fittest. I know I’m totally giving a grim perspective of life but this is what I’ve seen in my environment, especially when life hasn’t shown me the kind of kindness that I thought existed. But hey you can’t have everything right.

Maybe meditation helps so I’m going to try that..

To be continued….