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I am tired of hearing “I may be Haitian…but I don’t have Haitian methods” …What on earth does that mean? …does it insinuate the word Haitian means negative, mischief, trouble. What ticks me the most is that the ones stating that they are free of “Haitian methods” are the very ones using those “methods”.

For the past year or so I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly about my community. It felt like for the past 8 years I have been living in a different world where people mean what they say and say what they mean. Where their word was their bond
. Where their honor depended on what comes out of their mouth.

Maybe I should go back where I came from…there were very little Haitians where I used to live, where integrity meant something. Yet why does it feel so wrong?

When one says “I AM HAITIAN” what does one think about? I personally think of beauty
, pride, strength and intelligence. Yes we do encompass all of these, but we tend to forget, and do the opposite…we become divided as a people.

And you wonder why the new generation is drifting away and prefers to blend in with other nations…Did you know that I have met people that completely denied the fact they were Haitians? How sad is that?

the word Haitian has been inflicted a negative connotation.STOP!!!! We can change this.

HAITIAN GENERATION 2.0 rise to the occasion

Many of us started already you know who you are… and I applaud you.The rest of you make it happen and step on it, time is of the essence. Nothing is impossible and I will still believe in a better world for all of us.

-My personal thoughts