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His fingers grabbed the blades of my shoulders as he saw the necessity of massaging the tension away….he seemed so innocent, so honest…… the f$%# did I get here?…”I would love to kiss you, I’ve been longing to taste those juicy lips since the first day I met you” he uttered, “don’t you think we are going a little fast for a first date?” I replied…”but of course not…do what you feel…I really have strong feelings for you, feelings I can’t explain…” he said.

A kiss, I thought, a simple kiss how bad could it be?…but it all happened in a flash.. he leaned over and stole this kiss I was so dreading to give him, but in an abrupt movement he pinned me down and pulled my skirt up, how did he suddenly get so strong? ” you’re hurting me” I yelled…but my plea fell into deaf ears, his hand on my neck as I laid face down, it hurt…it hurt really bad…it only took him a second to whip out his gender and penetrate it in me…his thrust felt like a thousand knives tearing up my womb, ” stop…please….STOOOOOP” I cried…but again he didn’t listen, the harder I screamed, the harder he pushed…slowly my vision started to fade, the pain was unbearable, I wanted to forget, I wanted to magically disappear but instead I was silently praying for a miracle…

A ring…I hear a ring…could it be?…yes his cell phone rang, he didn’t pick up but the phone kept on ringing to the point it became annoying, was God giving me another chance? Mumbling foul words he finally took the initiative to get up, it was my chance…I ran into the nearby bathroom and locked the door.  why the bathroom?… How did I get here? I should have run outside….I should have called the police, but what if they have asked what was I doing there in the first place? What would my response be? …”well officer I was on a date and I ended up in his room”…People like to judge, that would be so embarrassing…I had to get away I had to find a way out…I felt stupid ….even if I cried at the top of my lungs no one could hear me, I was on the 9th floor for Pete’s sake…How ?….How did I get to this point? How could I be so stupid? he is still banging on the door …begging me to get out…but wait, the banging stopped, he is stepping away …now is my chance…God must really love me…I didn’t think twice, I opened the bathroom door and ran out the front door…I guess he couldn’t catch up with me fast enough for I was already on the bottom floor….what was I going to do ? where was I going to go?

Oh no…blood…I see blood trickling down my thighs …I felt so ashamed….in the streets of New York no one is safe, I had to think fast, I couldn’t ask for help, I would get judged, called a tramp for doing what I did…I had to do something…a phone booth…Thank you Jesus!!

“you have to come and pick me up” I cried to my cousin…”Where the hell are you? and why are you crying?”  – “I just want to get home, please” I interrupted. -“Alright I’m on my way”. After finally spewing out my location I hid in a corner and waited.

(Inspired by a true story) That young lady was lucky enough to get out alive, but Rape is not a matter to take lightly. It comes in different shapes or forms, and a date rape is no different from any other form of rape you can imagine (will not get into details). This isn’t fiction, it is a reality. It causes psychological side effects that can be irreversible if not treated. I hope this story made a difference in a young woman’s life today as to be careful who you meet and how attentive you should be to certain gestures or remarks. Knowledge is empowerment… so empower another and stay safe. much love!