Category: My Thoughts

…He calls and says “baby…I want to show you how my feelings have grown…I have slaved over a stove all day just for you, I want you to have dinner with me”…It was romantic, so romantic that he would have gone all this trouble just to please me. I couldn’t resist I just had to see what he prepared and why he confessed his feelings for me at such an early stage, don’t get me wrong love at first sight does exists but at what price?

I arrived on the 9th Floor, knocked and waited for about a minute, as he opens the door…the surprised look on my face said it all, first he greets me with a bouquet of flowers, as I walked in, rose petals covered the soles of my feet, any woman would have loved this, he proceeded to the dinner table where he had prepared …a decent meal…yeah he wasn’t much of a cook but he did his best! After the meal…it was pretty cold outside ,winter was right around the corner, we sat by the window and enjoyed the view…I felt warm inside, so undeserving of this treatment…he called me princess…that made me smile.

“Would you like to see the rest of the place?” he said, I saw no objection, it was a pretty nice condo after all…from the living room, to his small office, to the bathroom …my gut was getting tighter and tighter, as if my sixth sense was telling me this was a bad idea…the bedroom…I stopped at the door and didn’t want to get in, he reassured me it was safe, that I didn’t have anything to worry about…”you look tense” he speculated. I gently smiled and indeed finally gathered the courage to enter the room…I sat down on his bed and watched him put his cell phone on his dresser…and came and sat next to me.

Giving the look of a loving man…with one finger he brushed away the strings of hair covering my right eye..and smiled…