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Hell has no fury like a woman scorned; her love and emotions are not to be taken for granted as she will unleash her demons when her cup has overflowed

Beginnings are always beautiful aren’t they? At first sight my heart fluttered, virile and tall you stood as I gazed into your eyes and felt safe..I was the center of your playground, the focus of your lens, the only subject that mattered. But time only tells one’s true figure, inevitable as it was  nature took its course and I became hooked. Mistake of mine perhaps, but we are prone to act on our feelings and not rationality, instinctively our vibes brought us close together yet took a turn for the worse as you became the total opposite of what you portrayed.

I pleaded; cried and bled for you, bent over backwards just to show you I cared, your carelessness retracted me from you, and the more you showed less interest the more I felt compelled to be silenced. I never liked to be led on and I was clear since the beginning yet I fell into your trap as I did for many before you, perhaps it is my luck or perhaps all along you were just the yang contrary to the yin you seemed to be.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned is not just an adage, it is the truth, actions have consequences and I know what I am worth. I will not be reduced to your casual recreation or your zealous servant but instead will put a stop to all this shenanigans before it’s too late. Open your eyes and know that I am a woman, God’s gift to you resulting of your loneliness, never intended to be disrespected but elevated, cherished and loved. Until you learn how to value a treasure, a woman will always slip through your fingers like glistening water at the moment you feel most parched.

I deserve better and demand better and shall by no means alter my standards for an undecided fool. I only wish you well and pray you may find guidance, for a woman’s soul is not to be tampered with as indeed when hell unleashes only God can have mercy on you.