Category: My Thoughts

I’m selfish they say…always thinking about myself. Standing here looking down, I’m trying to give myself a reason not to do it.

I gave you everything, my heart , my soul,  my life, my love…never complained one bit. From our dating stage to the time you asked my hand in marriage ,it was nothing but bliss, we looked like a beautiful couple. Complimented by our entourage we were sure to be the envy of our friends.

Sending each other gifts just because…whispering to each other sweet nothings, public affection was second nature for I felt no one else existed but us. Our wedding…ah our wedding, a fairy tale they say, our honeymoon…wished it never ended.

I gave you all of me… the doctor said if I didn’t get rid of them, I would have died, both of them actually, as that cancer ate my flesh away I never despaired knowing that I would be home with my love one day..soon actually. The operation was a success, all I asked was for you to be patient, I would be whole again…just be patient…not having them doesn’t make me less of a woman, not having them don’t take away from my love for you…you could have waited.

she drove me to it…my  house, my bed, my man…she drove me to it…I gave you everything, my heart, my soul, my love, my life….and now my breath.

with me out of the picture you will suffer not, standing here, looking 60 feet down convincing myself not to do it…yet… I’m the selfish one…