Exquisite…Beautiful…Breathtaking…Memorable … I don’t think I would have enough adjectives to describe what I’ve experienced at the Art Basel Event on December 5th.

Jhon Charles

An exposition of fine art , from paintings to sculptures to designer items, all in honor of the rebuilding project of Haiti. Walking the room you can’t help yourself but to be in awe for admiring the incredible talent that we have in our community. Some artists such as Mr. Jhon Charles, flew directly from Haiti to attend this event.

The proceeds collected, were solely donations for the purpose of rebuilding, reconstructing and reeducating Haiti, remedy of the aftermath of the January 12th Earthquake.  Bringing in celebrities such as Russel Simmons, Venus Williams  and Wyclef Jean to contribute to this worthy cause

People couldn’t help but to open their  heart …and wallet…after savoring the energetic rhythmic performance of Wyclef Jean…That’s right Clef brought down the house accompanied by his sister and his band, singing from Hip Hop to Kompa… to Racine…  Haitian music was well represented, nothing less could have been expected from this international super star.

As the crowd gathered around him, he completely let loose and showed off a few of his acrobatic and dancing skills …we were more than pleased!

Moreover I must point out that in terms of art we must recognize that Haiti has talent, artists such as Sarah Brokaw, Presscott McDonald, Roudy Azor, Jude Papaloko Thegenus and Maxan Jean Louis, just to name a few, poured out their heart in this exposition.

By Presscott McDonald

By Sarah Brokaw

As you can see the fight is not over yet, Haiti will live, thanks to the efforts of people like these who have the desire of seeing a better future for this country.

A recurrent saying back home: “L’union fait la force”…”Men anpil chay pa lou”…”Together we are stronger”

By Jude Papaloko Thegenus & Masami

Well then…as always, bringing you the “what was up” right here in the MIA..this was your girl Corhinn… signing off!!!

by Maxan Jean Louis

Wyclef’s Photography provided by Enzo Alcindor