Dear Sedruola,

This may seem a bit surprising to you that I’m writing but there are a few things that I needed to get off my chest.

Since the first day I met you, I couldn’t get my eyes off of you..My mind could not get rid of the idea of how it would feel like to kiss you. This may seem a bit bold but indeed those were my thoughts. Timidly I approached you that night with the goal of striking a conversation…surprisingly your personality made an unforgettable impact…sweet, vibrant…you lit up the room with just a smile. instantly I thought to myself, I had to have you. Needless to say how successful I was for I walked out with your number that night!

consequently I wanted to show you what a true gentleman does, I made sure you were treated like royalty, wined you…dined you… massaged your feet…ha!! you did like that one!..I know you also liked those sweet texts I sent you…letting you know I missed you…that you were on my mind…even made sure you woke up to my finger prints every morning! I made you feel special didn’t I?..

As the weeks went by, our chemistry grew… I wanted more of you…I wanted to enjoy your sweet scent…taste those lips…feel you…touch you….even wanted to be inside of you…..and I did…enjoyed every inch of your body, every moment with you fulfilled my fantasy, as you felt warm and tight all around me…and repeatedly I wanted more..though at times you had your moments and I couldn’t stand you saying “no” but I knew just the right words would get me right back in there….the thought of having you…hmmm..damn and we had some crazy sex too!…it felt great…I felt great… my ego was well fed!…

Then I realized I got what I wanted, my quest was over…no need to keep calling or texting…I already had you…I probably had your heart in the palm of my hand…you wanted to talk about feelings…what’s up with being so sensitive?!….and then it hit me…I was done. Haven’t you noticed that I was ignoring your calls?!…I had better things to do… didn’t you realize you didn’t fit my perfect plan?!…baby you are not the one~Ha! and you really thought I cared!

It’s been fun…peace!

– Eyarrik

P.S. Happy Birthday!