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Lately I have been slowly but surely making sure that I use more natural products to prolong my health, not that I care if I live long but it would be a sucky way to be in pain on a dying bed knowing that you could have avoided it. I have been guilty of using these products. I mean Cocoa butter??? Really something as simple as cocoa butter cream is toxic? Whyyyyy? 

On that note I’ve also learned something new, substitute deodorant with lime. However, there is a deodorant I use that literally looks and feels like a rock. Paraben Free, not the best comfort, but it’s better than using the chemical engulfed monstrosities out there. We are becoming a little bit more health conscious these days, discovering that nature provided for us all this time. But human beings are never satisfied, that’s why we always find the need to invent stuff as long as it makes us feel good, but that’s a story for another time. 

crystal deodorant


I stumbled upon a video that got me thinking. Certain products WILL make us sick. There is no doubt about it. The minute I found out that deodorant and anti-perspirant was linked to breast cancer, I stopped using them immediately. Check out the video and let me know what you think: