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It has dawn to me that in Florida certain terms are being misconstrued when it comes to formalities. How many times have you been told to dress formally for a party and ended up being the only one over dressed for the occasion. In this particular article it’s all about the DOS and DONTS and I’m pretty sure my fellow northerners can back me up on this.

Male FL semi-Formal

Floridians may have the best weather but can be the worse dressed sometimes. No pun intended just stating some facts. For example when invited to a gala, a wedding etc…bottom line a formal event,

Florida Female Semi-Formal

Florida Female Semi Formal

usually on the invitation there’s always that one line that states the dress code “formal” or “semi-formal”. Little did I know that I had to learn the hard way when I first moved here 3 years ago. Apparently in Florida “formal wear” means “semi formal” and ironically “semi formal” means ” casual”…who knew?!!.

In these two examples this is what Floridians call Semi-Formal…SMH…just say no..really..I mean really. So in the good spirit of the holidays Mimi’s Corner has decided to educate it’s readers a little more about formal wear, or better yet semi formal for weather purposes.

True Semi formal wear

The ultimate word in this particular case is CLASSY. Do think overdress if not sure when invited to a event and the dress code says semi formal skin is not a factor, in other words we are not interested in seeing your goodies.

True female Semi formal wear

As you can see males can look great rocking GQ suits as well… and ladies, you already know what I’m going to say …that’s right less[skin exposed] is more.

Certain outfits only belong in the strip club ladies, going as short as you can with the excuse that your only great asset are your legs doesn’t eliminate the fact that undesired attention would be geared towards you. (you’re basically asking for it).

You can never go wrong going long. The holidays are upon us and more formal events are coming our way. In this perfect example Mimi is rocking what I would call classy long wear. Still in the same family as Semi formal wear, going long with her dress not only sets the tone for her audience but also for the soiree. Form fitting, flattering, classic and gorgeous blend all of this together and what you get fabulous!!!

Going short is not a bad idea either, as long as the laws of 3 inches above the knee are respected and the goodies are covered. Just because you are thick and juicy doesn’t mean you need to give the goods for free. Also do go with outfits that flatter your shape. Not all women are created equal, for example an A-line skirt may look great on Mimi but looks terrible on another. Accents with¬† subtle bright colors are a great addition to your dress: pointing out the red clutch and shoes and yellow belt; Jewelry at your discretion.

In the spirit of the holidays we urge you to be safe, drink responsibly and stay fabulous…very important remain fabulous at all time…LOL!!

Fashionably yours!

Mimi & Co.

(The statements of this blog reflects the opinions solely of the writer aka Corhinn and was written based on observation and for educational purposes…translation if you guys don’t know that I’m blunt by now then go back and read my previous blogs. Thank you)