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angela and I

Angela Smith and I

As a producer myself I certainly can appreciate the effort put in such beautiful spectacle. 4 Seasons of Fashion was certainly a breath of fresh air, a new twist to art presentation. Who has ever heard of a fashion play?! Well this is where the innovative mind of Angela “Aguy” Smith comes to life. From beginning to end I stayed at the edge of my seat (well not because it was also cold outside and that was just my little way of staying warm but…) the show had substance, I mean true substance where you actually learn something.

The 4 seasons were not just the mere Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter fashion show…no not at all but instead a voyage through history. It brought us back to the motherland..Mama Africa, where our ancestors elevated as kings and queens were ripped from their home to end up in the western hemisphere  reduced to slavery forced to raise future generations in the foreign lands of the Americas. However, you can definitely see where we came from, what we have gone through and where we are, a new wave is about to rise, a new era for the children of Africa..certainly a brighter future to look forward to. Though it was through art and fashion Aguy and her team from the Dezign Nation certainly accomplished what most could not in the fashion world.


Stichiz and I

Designers well represented, each piece were unique and definitely wearable in this day and age. Classy, elegant and fabulous.  The style of presentation was definitely different as it was not your typical runway show, yet it left us all entertained by gaining a new appreciation for the world of fashion.

Hosted by Haitian American Artist Stichiz and Narrated by Actress Nichole A. Joubert both ladies took us for a beautiful Journey with performances in between that would leave you in awe. More pictures can be viewed on the 5 sur 5 TV show Facebook page. Enjoy this little clip that I happen to capture from my phone..yes my phone (don’t judge me LOL) :

Photography provided by 5 sur 5 TV and Ronald Marc Photography