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As the world of fashion evolves into who wears the hottest and latest trends to keeping up with the famous name brands, new refreshing names are being discovered. The fashion show of  August 21st at Bar 721 in Miami Beach  was nothing but pure deliciousness!!

3C Campain Organizers

I had the extreme privilege and honor to meet the organizers of such wonderful event: The president of BPure Isiah Brooks also founder of his latest launched Organization 3C Campaign, accompanied by  renown photographer Steven Vaughn who played the role of Event Manager that night.

Rachel J & Steven V.

Such well put event exposed upcoming designers such as Rachel J owner of RAX Jewelry collection ,

Mimi Pericles

Mimi Pericles of Beware Swimwear, Tiffany Elain Kelly of TEK and Ashley Edouard of Intyce Swimwear

The proceeds to that event went to a great cause: creating awareness of a disease,  that most of us tend to ignore taking precaution against when in the heat of the moment, while some children are forced to live with such abomination… and yes I am talking about HIV/AIDS .  Making a difference this organization, 3C Campaign, decided to be proactive in helping those who are affected by this disease.  It’s slogan to best describe it from is : “The 3c Campaign is a movement to spread awareness and raise money for children with HIV and AIDS . Create, Connect, Choose (3C) campaign was founded by Isiah Brooks, owner of bpure,with the desire to build and raise HIV and AIDS awareness.”

Of course the show was nothing but pure success

the designers have exceeded my expectations…make me want to go to the gym to shed some pounds so that I can fit those swimsuits. Now of course to be able to enjoy such delight your girl Corhinn was front and center

Corhinn in red

…Click Click making sure I had all of that lusciousness on film… yes I’m talking about the men in nothing but a tight and well defined one piece …hum hum hum..Don’t worry girls you were fabulous too!!!

I can’t wait to see what the next event is going to bring for I know that to much is given much is required and I do envision success for these young entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, not all is lost …there is still hope…I have to commend those who are making a difference in this world, and encourage those who are still trying to make up their mind…land a hand however you can for the blessings will always come back to you!!

This was your girl Corhinn giving you a piece of the action of the “hotttttness” of South Florida. Until next time!!