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Bingo is a game that is often associated with the elderly, but more people nowadays are getting into this game including celebrities. If you think that bingo is an old fashioned game, then maybe you aren’t just aware of how this game has evolved through the years. Before, fund raising bingo events are held only in churches, but now charity events are held in different places including high-end hotels like Silverton Casino. This Las Vegas casino hosted the Celebrity Bingo Bow Wow last year, which was participated by many famous personalities including American singer/actor Joshua Strickland, reality TV star Angel Porrino, and magician Nathan Burton.

The game that most Americans love can now be played online because of the many bingo sites appearing in the virtual world. There are gaming sites like FoxyBingo that offer non-stop bingo games so people can have their bingo fix anytime they want. Because of online bingo’s accessibility, more people are switching to that including celebrities who are known to have a busy lifestyle. If you are wondering which celebs play bingo, then check out my list below:

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Before Catherine Zeta-Jones became a Hollywood superstar, she has been playing bingo all her life even when she was still back in Wales. Her affinity for bingo continued up to this day as she hosts bingo parties for her family and friends every year. The rules of UK bingo and US bingo varies, but she was able to adapt well and even taught her husband Michael Douglas how to play this game.

Robbie Williams

One of the hottest male singers in the world shines not only in the world of music, but bingo as well. He even admitted back then that he joined a bingo tournament to raise funds for charity. Another proof that Robbie Williams is into bingo is the picture he posted on Twitter with former Take That band mate Gary Barlow. They were seen having fun playing bingo in someone’s house.